If you want help to polish your home and elevate your every day experiences Lu is on hand. Her background in renovation projects and passion for living bring creativity and order to any home.

Whether it’s a room refresh, a sticky frustrating living problem, storage or simply seeking to find that certain illusive je ne cest qui, you can invite Lu, through the wonders of technology into your home to take a look around and discuss your needs.

Calls are typically an hour in length and can cover whatever you need help with. A follow up from the call will include any relevant links to products or helpful information that may have been discussed on the call and if relevant a mood board to help with forward planning.

Email us to book your slot.

This is very much up to you. You can be rough and ready or as thorough as you wish. Whatever you feel is necessary to accomplish your goal from the consultation. We suggest putting together a simple document or presentation that includes photos of the spaces you need help with and questions you’d like answered. Some clients also provide inspiration images, furniture/decor being considered, or floor plans/drawings, etc.

Over the Zoom video call you will be able to show your space in real time using the camera on the device you’re taking the call from. However, many find it easier and more efficient to collate images of their space into a document, which can be reviewed by using Zoom’s screen share feature or alternatively sending over ahead of on time the email provided to you upon booking.

Clients are normally pleasantly surprised that they can get all their questions answered during a consultation and come away from it feeling enlightened, energized and confident in the next steps to take. You will leave the consultation full of new ideas for your space. Lu has focussed on designing rooms and homes for over 4 years so she is able to get into the zone of a new space very quickly and is naturally very efficient with her advice.

Consultations are a broader way of envisioning your space and plans for your home. They can cover a broad range of topics, questions and solutions and offer a holistic form of guidance and suggestion for your home.

E-design provides a specific set of deliverables, such as a single precise mock-ups, room design or layout. We believe clients derive more value from a Consultation however should you like mock ups, mood boards and purchase lists these extras can be agreed to in or after the consultation for a separate fee.