This is how your home can help with the laundry.

Here’s a couple of idea’s to make your washing less of a chore if you’re planning a renovation or looking to do some home improvement!

  1. Put your utility room upstairs to avoid slugging laundry up and down the stairs all the time. If you think about it it really makes no sense bringing all the washing down only to take it back up again.
  2. Put a washing machine in your walk in wardrobe – if you have the space this is an even more time saving solution to keeping clothes in one place.
  3. If you already have your machines downstairs and don’t intend to move them why no think about a laundry chute?
  4. Ensure you have high cupboards near your washing machine or in your utility. It’s an easy way to keep things out of reach for kids.
  5. Have clear containers to keep your washing powder and tablets in. You’ll be able to see far more easily what you have and when to rebuy and if you have a packaging free shop option nearby you’ll have the containers ready at home to utilise it.