Week 2: Tips for starting anew – with clutter

January usually always starts with a reboot. And why not, it’s great to draw a line in the sand and decide where your resolutions or changes are going to start.

One thing I’ve been focussing on lately is better ‘stationing’ of items. Making that ‘junk’ drawer a thing of the past and focussing my cupboard space on organisation that actually works with what I’m doing in the space.

I’m still working out my best solutions as it’s all so personal to how you live and what routines you participate in but so far I’ve these are my tips for creating hard working storage and limiting the clutter in the New Year-

  1. Remove EVERYTHING before you start organising. A clean slate helps you see the potential for a space. Take into account where it resides, what you do around it, the space it offers – a drawer or a cupboard or a worktop and decide what lives their accordingly.
  2. Remove what you don’t need. You don’t use something, get rid of it. You don’t like something, get rid of it. You have no idea why you have something. Get rid of it. Ideally recycle or resell!
  3. Create ‘stations’ wether thats an area with everything you need to make your morning coffee at hand or everything the children will need to get their snacks or do their homework. Maybe everything you need for baking as to bake more is your NY resolution.
  4. Have an empty draw or cupboard – this one will change your life. The one place where you can shovel of throw things when you have visitors or the items you have no home for like your items for Easter prep or that Birthday present you’re hiding. Keep an ever changing empty space and you won’t regret it.