Week 1. 52 weeks of design (and renovation!)

So we may have had yet another Christmas under the clouds of Covid but I think we’re all in agreement that it’s best to look with positivity into 2022 and just hope that from here on out things start to get better. In the mean time, we have a whole shiny new year to dedicate to making our homes beautiful and functional which in turn will go a long way to making our lives both easier and more joyful – what could be better than that?!

Because we’re guessing that much like us, you’ve spent the festive period musing over how your home could serve you better, where all those toys could be stashed away or what to do with the spare room full of junk, we thought it only right to start giving you a ton of ideas!

This year we’re making a commitment to have a little design chat each week with our 52 weeks of design (and renovation!) series. We’ll be dipping into a range of subjects from furnishings and floor plans through to lighting and paint colours.

We’re always ready to answer any extra questions on your mind too so if you have a burning question about encaustic tiles or the latest bobbin furniture trend we’re here to help. You can find Lu directly on the Facebook Group – Ain’t Nobody Like a Homebody or the Instagram, alternatively you can comment right here on this post and we’ll our best to answer any design questions that keep you awake at night!

And if you don’t want to miss anything you can sign up to the mailing list to get our musings through each week to look over at your leisure!

Happy New Year!